About Bellingen Seedsavers

We are a group of like-minded growers of edible and useful heritage plant varieties in the Bellingen area of northeast New South Wales, Australia.

Our climate varies from frost-free coastal areas to inland river valleys and highlands with frosts. Bellingen has an average annual rainfall of 1507ml.

Saturday 23 October 2021

Event plus news


Bello food gardening articles

This is a project to create a food growing resource, based on the incredible body of lived knowledge for the Bellingen and surrounding areas. To make this local knowledge accessible to everyone. 

Why? For community food security. To build food resilience for us all for any disaster. If the trucks stopped, the shops would empty very quickly. What would we feed ourselves? 

It's all about our local growing conditions and what's really suitable. Many of the food plants that thrive in our local climate are not the familiar English peas and carrots in a row.

All the articles are archived at:


The articles are available directly via email, roughly weekly until mid 2022 – sign up at:

The latest one is Summer beans. What grows well here and how to grow them. A food resilience article:

Diary Dates

Garden visit to Northbank Community Gardens

Saturday 23rd of October 12:01 pm - 3:00 pm

Northbank Community Gardens is having a big rejuvenation and we're going along for a stickybeak at what's springing up.

If you're on our facebook page, Bellingen Seedsavers Chatter, you may have seen Alison's poll on what the Bellingen community might like to get from this fabulous local resource. Anyone interested in learning and participating in the growing of abundant goodness should fill out the questionnaire ASAP. 

We will meet up for lunch at the gardens on the day, then Alison will be there to show us the reinvigorated goings on.

Numbers are limited because of you-know-why (the C word), so please RSVP to keep the group size manageable.

If you are coming down with something, please do not attend the garden tour.

Coming? please click here to RSVP, to obtain the address and so we know who’s attending. Please RSVP even if you already know how to get there.

Organiser: Lisa O'Callaghan / gardenvisits@bellingenseedsavers.com

Seed & Plant Swaps

Max is looking for: Green Giant tomato- it’s luscious and Fantom du Laos tomato- white, the best tomato he's ever tasted. If you can help Max, please email by clicking here...

Are you looking for particular seeds or plants? Do you have an abundance of something to give away?
Email in to news@bellingenseedsavers.com for your search or offer to be put in the newsletter in this section.


Thanks to Fiona for the Bello food gardening info.
Thanks to Leela for the blurb on our next garden visit and the write up from the market.

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