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Tuesday 31 July 2018

Making jam without sugar: using excess fruit

This is a variety of useful recipes plucked from the net for making a jam or spread. There are source credits after the recipes for links to the original sites. There is no need to do without jam just because you are avoiding high energy sweeteners like sugar, honey and various syrups. Please take notice of the recommendations regarding the use by periods.

I boil down our home grown cumquats with only a very small amount of sugar and a little water to make a delicious sauce or runny jam, perhaps I will now try cooking down citrus without any sugar or use stevia to sweeten. Happy experimentation.

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Recipe No 2

From: https://fountainavenuekitchen.com/no-sugar-homemade-jam/

Recipe 3

Recipe 4

From https://www.verywellfit.com/making-sugar-free-jam-2241883

Recipe 5

From Sugar Free Londoner

This recipe has no preservative so it is suggested the jam can be kept for a week in refridgerator, or can be frozen. Chia seeds could perhaps be used to thicken instead of using xanthan gum.

Recipe 6 Using Chia Seeds

You could substitute a non-sugar sweetener for the high energy suggestions in this recipe. This recipe is also kept for a week in the refridgerator.

Recipe from: kitchn

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4 Ways To Make Delicious Sugar-Free Jams And Jellies

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