About Bellingen Seedsavers

We are a group of like-minded growers of edible and useful heritage plant varieties in the Bellingen area of northeast New South Wales, Australia.

Our climate varies from frost-free coastal areas to inland river valleys and highlands with frosts. Bellingen has an average annual rainfall of 1507ml.

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Perennial food plants - what are you growing in your garden?

Kang Kong growing in pond in Bellinger River Valley
We are putting together a resource on perennial food plants that grow well in this area. This is for ourselves and the wider community.

Can you email in the perennial food plants that you have growing in your garden, along with where you are (Dorrigo's climate is different to Sawtell's!)? We will list the plants and the area they are growing in on the website. We WON'T be listing your names.

Send the info to news@bellingenseedsavers.com

Are you growing Surinam Spinach, aka Waterleaf?

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